What are 30 Days to Learn Cards?

30 days to learn cards30 Days to Learn were created to provide an effective and practical ways to learn a new topic. Each pack contains 30 daily lessons, along with key concepts to make learning new subjects easy, memorable and fun. Each pack is written by an author who is an key expert in their field.

Each pack consists of:

  • An Introduction Card – This card outlines the subject, it is a simple explanation of the topic and a short concise statement of how this pack will help the reader.
  • An Author Card – This card outlines the author’s expertise.
  • 17 Key Concept Cards – Each containing concise, simple explanations of the key concepts about the topic.
  • 30 x Daily Lesson Cards – Each of the 30 cards contains one lesson in the form of an exercise, task or activity that will help embed learning.
  • A Resources Card – This card lists recommended books or websites that will signpost the reader for further learning

Who is behind 30 Days to Learn?

The idea was the brainchild of Lisa Warner, an award winning entrepreneur and creator of Finkcards and Tara Roskell an award winning graphic designer. Tara had been reading a book about NLP and said to Lisa that she wished there was something that would break down the subject into daily tasks to make her actively use it. Lisa suggested that they should create some cards to solve the problem and so the idea behind 30 Days to Learn was born.

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